Learn to Love our Earth | by Despina Katsirouba on FERRON

FERRON; the versatile and vegan luxury handbag

"FERRON has one goal in mind; to make cruelty-free fashion the norm while protecting the workers who make them."

Despina, vegan fashion blogger wearing FERRON vegan black crossbody bag"First of all, the bags are gorgeous. No matter what colour you choose (black, or navy) you are not going to be disappointed. I personally adore that black because as you can see in the picture attached below, the interior is a fiery red which contrasts perfectly with the outside of the bag."

"One of my favourite details is the elephant logo which symbolises their passion and commitment to a completely cruelty-free brand. Overall I am extremely happy with not only how beautiful the bag is, but also at the high quality of materials FERRON has to offer. The outside texture adds creates a very classy look, and the red inside is buttery soft!"


Please visit Despina's blog and YouTube channel for a full review on FERRON's gorgeous vegan handbag.  

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