Vegan fashion - my favourite vegan brands and where to find them

What is vegan fashion?

Vegan fashion is becoming more and more fashionable! The hope is for vegan fashion to be a norm, to go mainstream and not needing a “vegan” qualifier to be used. During the past few months (if not years!) we’ve seen luxury brands catching on with the vegan lifestyle and customers demand, and steering away from fur and leather, going fully or partly vegan!

Luxury fashion brand, Stella McCartney has always been vegan and pioneers like Loomstate, Planet Guests, Doshi and others are pushing boundaries when it comes to new standards in fashion. 

Vegan clothing is any garment made without animal products. Some animal products, like leather, are pretty obvious, but others might be a little harder to spot, for instance silk, feathers, angora, pashmina, mohair, etc. Animal products can hide in unexpected places, so I would suggest to read your clothing’s labels and brand’s policies before you make any purchase. 

And if in doubt, I’d recommend to head over to PETA's website, it will help you discover trendy vegan selections that will compliment and enhance your individual lifestyle. Vegan products are defined by PETA as being “clothes, shoes and accessories that contain no leather, fur, wool, skin, exotic skins or any other animal-derived fabric.”


Where to buy vegan fashion? 

It’s now easier than ever to search for on-trend vegan styles. There are many online marketplaces that curates the whole vegan lookbook outfit ideas for you.

Vegan fashion is possible, it’s affordable and completely ethical. There are plenty of options, whether you're looking for winter boots, laptop bag, phone case or stilettos with heels so high they should only be worn in taxis. 

More and more vegan clothing retailers are popping up online and vegan alternatives are literally a push of a button away from you! Also, most of the mainstream high street stores offer animal derived-free products, so there are affordable alternatives for everyone’s budget. Just please make sure to check the label! If the information provided is unclear, I say it's about time to contact the company and ask them to clarify the ingredients, better yet, register their products with PETA, let’s demonstrate demand!

Vegan fashion brands 

There are plenty of fashion brands out there that offer animal-friendly and cruelty-free clothing. I believe that the vegan fashion revolution will continue to grow as consumers are changing the face of the industry by demanding that designers and retailers to replace animal-derived fabrics with a cruelty-free alternatives. 

Label like Stella McCartney is fairly obvious, but I can’t go without saying that she’s been a real inspiration to many other vegan brands, including FERRON. I understand that her products might be out of reach for a regular Jane but there are many other, more affordable brands and I’ll highlight some of my favourite ones below.

1. Shoes. 


Vegan shoes by HEXA Bangkok

When I think vegan shoes I think HEXA. HEXA is a Thailand-based brand making stylish, fully vegan shoes. HEXA sources locally, pays their employees fair wages but what is most intriguing and innovative about the brand is that their suppliers follow a “closed-loop system”- use as minimum water as possible, filter it out and once clean, release is back to the environment. Their shoes as super comfortable and simply gorgeous. In my opinion they tick off all the boxes. 

Check them out yourself @hexabangkok

2. Clothes

Faur fur by vegan fashion brand

It used to be challenging to be stylish and ethical at the same time. But thanks to ever- growing customers’ demand and brands like The Furry Tales, that push the fashion industry boundaries, dressing lush “without being cruel to animals” is indeed possible! The Furry Tales is a London based brand that creates stunning faux furs and hats, that are not only ultra- chic but very much affordable! I must say that I just love the leopard print one- this piece can effortlessly leverage any look! @thefurrytalesuk


Now, don’t think that junior section has been left out when it comes to vegan faspetitTembo vegan children clothing linehion! PetitTembo is organic, ethical and sustainable children's clothing for the little changemakers. They partner with non-profit organisations creating opportunities for parents to consume consciously, while cultivating awareness and learning among children about causes that accentuate our connection to each other and to the natural world. Giving back is at the core of their brand’s ethos. 20% of petitTembo’s net profits is equally divided and donated to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Kisumu Hope Restoration Centre.  Elephant illustrations printed on their shirts were created by the children from Kisumu Hope Restoration in honour of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. PetitTembo is a purpose driven brand. Every purchase creates change. Planting the seeds of a kinder world. Their products are responsible choice, made from the softest 100% organic cotton holistic manufacturing.  All our products are designed and made in Vancouver, Canada. I say, go and check them out @petittembo!


3. Accessories 

Add a trendy twist to your everyday look with Nothing New by Ruthie Ru and Laura Zabo’s accessories! Both brands are not only vegan but very sustainable! 

Upcycled vinyl and vegan  jewelry



Ruthie creates unique upcycled, eye- catching statement jewelry using only things that would otherwise end up in landfills, i.e. vinyl records!



Laura Zabo and her upcycled tire collection




At Laura’s shop you can find vegan jewelry, belts, shoes and different types of harnesses (yep, I think I managed to catch your attention here, did I? :) All made of tires and bicycle inner tubes! And man, they look absolutely awesome!




Show both of the ladies some love and spam their Instagram accounts with lots of hearts. 


4. Lingerie

Oh and let’s not forget about our undergarments! For that I have so much love to this brand and don’t want to do any unwittingly injustice, I’ll quote what lovely Alina, Cotton & Push owner has to say about her products! Alina says: 

Vegan and organic lingerie brand

“We believe that Lingerie needed a re-birth, a re-branding. Cotton & Push Ltd. produces all empowering, all plant based and all sustainable, organic Lingerie. Undergarments should be about more than just sex appeal. They are your intimate armour, and they should reflect your conscious values. Our garments are made from certified organic and biodegradable fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton and Tencel. They are skin-friendly and soft to the touch. All our manufacturing occurs in the UK, where we can oversee each part of production. Cotton & Push are extremely passionate about pairing sustainability, allure and divine comfort, making out products the holy trinity of Luxury Lingerie.”

Warning- once you enter Cotton & Push’s world you will never want to go back! :)



These brands are in aid to make you look good without the need for you to sacrifice your morals! Vegan shopping has never been so easy.

Fashion bloggers who are vegan

Still struggling to put your vegan outfit together? The below short but mighty list of vegan fashion bloggers will make your live twice as easy. These fashion bloggers manage to stand out despite all the hashtag game out and are most relevant to me. So I’m going to say a couple of words about them today. If vegan and ethical fashion and being updated is your thing, you need to follow them, and here’s why:

Noa Style with a Smile

I’ve followed Noa for about a year now and I absolutely love what she does and has been doing for the past few years! Noa loves writing, and loves animals even more! She combined two passions and created a blog that is all about a lifestyle with a conscience. Noa investigates vegan, fair and innovative fashion, travel, food and lifestyle products. She’s based in Israel but travels, predominantly in Europe. Her outfits are always immaculately put together.

Noa does her research thoroughly, she writes really good blog posts and talks about what she really cares about; sustainability, veganism, animal liberation, and obviously- vegan fashion!



Sruti from Love and blossoms

London-based vegan fashion blogger is well known in the vegan fashion community for her classy outfits and stylish to-be-Pinterst’d pictures (she actually has a very extensive Pinterest page too!) I don’t know any other vegan blogger as elegant as Sruti! 

Sruti is also a great fitness and wellness advocate and a very successful entrepreneur. She’s the author of “Design your life”, a motivational e- book and an owner of vegan fashion brand called “The Cherry Blossom Closet” where 10 percent is donated to Love and Blossoms Foundation charity. 

Sruti has a website, Instagram, and of course the book that I would highly recommend checking out!


Despina from Learn to Love Our Earth 

Despina has a YouTube channel, Instagram, and a website – I highly recommend checking out all three. Just like Sruti, she’s the owner of a sustainable clothing line, Green Spirits. I actually need to get a hold of one of her gorgeous sweatshirts myself!  

Despina’s sense of style is modern, more on a rebellious side in my opinion (that’s why I love it!) and as “green” as possible as she’s always on the lookout for the sustainable staples. She explains where each item of clothing is from, what are the ethics behind each brand, etc.,, which I find very informative! 

She’s very honest, promotes the people behind the vegan fashion brands and show how stylish vegan fashion can be. I absolutely admire Despina’s approach to fashion and respect her opinions. 



Anca Monica

Anca Monica is a fabulous vegan fashion model and her fashion sense is very unique and original. She made a name for herself with her campaigns with vegan fashion brands such as LaBante, Noxbridge, Fabrikk, Washala, Emroces, and FERRON

Anca’s on Instagram, where her account is growing from day to day. She also has a website and updates it with a very informative blog posts, which I would recommend to have a read through. 

Anca Monica is as compassionate as she is beautiful, she’s an outspoken environmentalist, regularly taking to social media platforms to share her views on veganism, animal cruelty and is happy to spread awareness of these issues whenever possible.


There are many more vegan fashion bloggers that I have met, both on the Internet and in real life, and they all are game changers and taking part in the fashion industry transition to providing vegan and more sustainable alternatives. FERRON is proud to be one of the game changing brands too!

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