Many major luxury brands have left China for countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh where wages are a quarter of that in China, working conditions are poor and everything is mass produced.

That is not what FERRON stands for. FERRON stands for beautiful and high-quality handbags that are cruelty-free and sustainably made by artisans that are unbelievable at their craft. FERRON’s handbags come to life thanks to a small, family-owned manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China. They purely focus on craftsmanship.

Quality is everything

Just as I believe that leather derived from animals is part of the past, I believe that high-quality products are made in ethical conditions in Guangzhou.

FERRON vegan handbags come to life thanks to a group of very talented artisans

I also believe in One World and couldn’t be more excited about FERRON’s extended team over there.

FERRON craftsman factory is based in China